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Samsung SDI Holds 53th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Samsung SDI Holds 53th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 



□ Approves all five agendas including approval of financial statements and appointment of directors 

□ President and CEO YOONHO CHOI says, “Together, we will take a big step to accelerate the journey of becoming a global Top Tier company”



SEOUL, Korea – March 15, 2023 – Samsung SDI today announced it held the 53th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Seoul. Attendees included individual shareholders, institutional investors, Young-hyun Jun, vice chairman of Samsung SDI, and YOONHO CHOI, president and CEO of Samsung SDI along with key management staff. 




Five agendas for resolution–approval of financial statements, appointment of directors, appointment of Audit Committee members, appointment of independent director for Audit Committee member, and approval of director remuneration limit–were proposed and approved. 


In the Agenda 1 Approval of Financial Statements FY2022, approval was granted to the following statements: financial position, comprehensive income, changes in equity, etc. The Annual General Meeting decided on the dividends to be paid out at KRW 1,030 per common share and KRW 1,080 per preferred share.


The Agenda 2 Appointment of Directors was approved to re-appoint Samsung SDI Vice Chairman Young-hyun Jun as an executive director, Oh-Kyong Kwon and Duk-hyun Kim as independent directors, while appointing Mi-kyung Lee, the representative of Korea Green Fund, to replace the incumbent independent director Tae-ju Park. 


Newly appointed independent director Mi-kyung Lee is an expert in environment with a long streak of being engaged in environmental policy, as she served as a member of the Central Environmental Policy Committee, the Carbon Neutrality Committee, and Hydrogen Economy Committee of the Ministry of Environment. Her presence in Samsung SDI’s Board of Directors is anticipated to add more expertise and diversity to the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy. With this appointment, Samsung SDI’s gender representation on independent directors is now 50%, up from 25% and increasing its gender diversity, in line with the company’s heightened ESG drive. 


Following this Annual General Meeting, the number of the company’s Board members remains unchanged: a total of seven, including three executive directors and four independent directors. 


As the shareholders voted for Agenda 3 Appointment of Audit Committee Members, Oh-kyong Kwon and Mi-kyung Lee were appointed to members of the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee now consists of three members, down from four members, effectively leaving the Committee free of difficulty arising from a tie-vote.  


Upon shareholders’ approval of the Agenda 4 Appointment of Independent Director Woon-wook Choi for Audit Committee Member, the independent director Choi was re-appointed. Recognized for his expertise in finance and accounting, he has been serving as the chairman of the Audit Committee for the last three years, making substantial contribution to securing the company’s financial soundness and transparency, and is expected to continue his endeavors for Samsung SDI’s growth.  


Lastly, approved by the 53th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Agenda 5 Approval of Director Remuneration Limit decided the total remuneration limit to be KRW 12 billion. The company noted, “Last year, a total of KRW 6.3 billion was remunerated from KRW 16.5 billion of Director Remuneration Limit FY2022. This year, the total remuneration limit was presented with due adjustment to be in accord with the FY2023 budget.”


“Despite the extreme volatility of business environment, Samsung SDI produced unprecedented success in the business results thanks to cooperation and collaboration of everyone at Samsung SDI and our partners, and keen interest afforded by the shareholders,” said Samsung SDI President and CEO YOONHO CHOI in his remarks. He further reiterated, “Shadows of business uncertainty is here to stay in 2023 as well.




Nevertheless, all members of Samsung SDI vow to take a big step together to accelerate the journey of becoming a global Top Tier company under key management strategies of ‘super-gap technological competitiveness,’ ‘best quality,’ and ‘profitable and qualitative growth.’ 


For those shareholders who cannot be present at the AGM physically, Samsung SDI has implemented measures such as electronic voting and virtual streaming of the Meeting since 2021. Also, in tandem with its management focus on the ESG aspects, not only all mails are sent electronically but the dividend details can also be looked up via the company website and mobile platform.