Epoxy Molding Compound

EMC effectively protects semiconductor circuits from factors in the external environment such as moisture, heat, and shock. Its main ingredients are epoxy resin, hardener, silica, and other additives. It applications include memory, system LSI, individual devices, and so on.

Samsung SDI EMC(Epoxy Molding Compound)

Product Introduction

Samsung SDI EMC Product
Environment-friendly total solution for manifesting high-performance

Starem® Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) is designed to encapsulate various delicate electronic devices. Starem® EMC features a broad line-up of halogen-free compounds to meet various customers’ needs and requirements.

Product Benefits

    Excellent assembly yield improvement

    Void-less molding in fine pitch bump gap
    Good gap filling characteristics with high flowability (Applicable for packages with fine pitch)

    Curable at low temperature
    Best productivity

    Superior releasing performance
    Increase in throughput with high cleaning cycle

    Wide process window
  • PoP-t EMC
    Best solution for Warpage control

    Optimized technology for a variety of packages

    Excellent yield improvement

    Excellent yield of lamination, improved reliability

    Maximizing customer’s productivity Wide process window
  • Granule EMC
    Excellent moldability with higher spreadability

    Enhancing filling characteristics
    No wire sweep/sagging and chip sagging
    Void-less molding in complex package configuration

    Short cure time for higher productivity
    Excellent granule size control

    No blocking and contamination

    Wide process window
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