Battery is the key to sustainable innovation in automobiles

Samsung SDI is an eco-friendly and clean energy solution provider.
For automotive applications, we are committed to bringing customers the most creative and innovative products for electrified vehicles.

Sustainable innovation
in automobiles

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Welcome to the battery-powered era! The advances in automotive battery technology are expected to mirror the changes in mobile devices in the decades prior. Mobile phones were the size of a brick in the early 1990s and the battery lasted only about 30 minutes. Now mobile phones are less than a centimeter in thickness and the battery lasts 8 hours or more. The electric vehicle was, in fact, developed before the internal combustion engine vehicle, but it did not become the mainstream in the market due to inefficient battery technology. This is about to change. Behind this revolution is the shift to the lithium-ion battery from lead, nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal-hydride batteries. Why? Longer life, higher energy density and better reliability - all good things. As battery technology advances, more and more automakers are introducing new and diverse electrified models with batteries. It is a sure sign that the era of the vehicle electrification has arrived.

Among lots of different phenomena taking place around the world, what would be more important and worthy of attention? Some are deemed to be just hype and others are considered to be more sustainable. Samsung SDI believes that anything valuable to all generations is sustainable. The cleaner air, greener environment is something we can never compromise for all generations. The global warming issue due to the increase in CO2 emissions will demand more eco-friendly vehicles powered by batteries. Energy changes the world. Major turning points in human history have been in line with the emergence of new energy sources. It is our goal to help realize the full potential of renewable energy sources. As the world leader in advanced energy solutions, Samsung SDI is tapping into its experience in developing mobile device batteries in order to develop more efficient batteries with high energy density for sustainable automobiles.

Samsung SDI - Automotive Battery Battery is the key
to sustainable innovation
in automobiles


European EV cars, equipped with the heart of Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI participated in IAA 2015 (International Automobile-Ausstellung, known as Frankfurt Motor Show), targeting EV car market in Europe. Samsung SDI presented a full line-up of various battery cells, introducing Standardized Modules that are compatible with both PHEV and EV, as well as high-performance packs which are newly developed with the cell technology of SDIBS. Samsung SDI introduced the best EV battery solution to the world, which has been satisfying the global carmakers’ high expectation. Especially with its increased pack competitiveness gained from the acquisition of SDIBS, Samsung SDI highlighted "Low Pack" battery that has drastically reduced the height of battery packs

Samsung SDI Automotive Battery – MOU with BMW
Acquired Magna International’s
Battery Pack Business

In May 2015, Samsung SDI acquired 100% stake of MSBS (Magna Steyr Battery Systems gmbH), the battery part affiliate company of Magna Steyr. Through this acquisition, we built up a complete business system of the batteries for electric vehicle, spanning from cells and modules to battery packs. Since MSBS is known for its world-class battery pack business, Samsung SDI is now a step closer to becoming No.1 in the global EV battery market.

Samsung SDI to acquire Magna International’s battery pack business



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