Sustainable Management

With leadership in the economic, environmental and social spheres,
Samsung SDI pursues sustainability development to contribute to humanity.

management vision

Samsung SDI proactively responds to future changes by analyzing constantly changing issues of the industry and identifying risks and opportunities.

Visions and Strategies

  • Sustainability Management of Samsung SDI

    Samsung SDI has been employing sustainability management since 2002. In 2003, we established sustainability management vision as well as mid/long term roadmap based on various methods such as early evaluation of economy, environment and other fields of society, collecting opinions of both internal and external stakeholders, and the benchmarking of advanced companies overseas. In addition, we published a sustainability report for the first time in Korea. In 2004, we made our sustainability management office as a dedicated organization so that we could be aware of various demands (like sustainability issues) and then have been able to apply them to our products and management. By doing so, we are making every effort to interact with society, sharing the products and services that our community really needs.

  • Innovator for Sustainable World

    Samsung SDI is actively responding to ever-changing sustainability issues. To do so, we identify major issues of each field from multiple stakeholders and take them into account when practicing sustainability management. Samsung SDI announced its sustainability management vision TBL (Triple Bottom Line) to contribute to humanity through sustainable development with leadership in the field of economy, environment, and society.

Sustainable Development Innovator
Sustainable Development Innovator

Contribute to human society through sustainable development with leadership in economy, environment and society

조화 성장 - 경제, 환경, 사회
  • Economy : Sustainable Growth Create sustainable growth & profit through customer satisfaction
  • Environment : Eco-Value Creation Contribute to improved quality of life through creation of more eco values through eco-friendly methods in the entire life cycle of products and services.
  • Society : Win-Win Partnership Balanced Partnership, Which is mutually profitable and trustworthy with various stakeholders.