Spin-on Hardmasks

SOH is a membrane applied to the bottom of photoresists and acts as a barrier in the follow-up etching process. SOH helps the circuit to transfer to the desired membrane, thus increasing the accuracy of micropatterns.

Samsung SDI SOH (Spin – on Hardmasks)

Product Introduction

Samsung SDI SOH Product
High-quality membrane produced by spin coating process for micropatterns

SOH is an ancillary material to form micropatterns in the semiconductor. It requires high etching-resistance for it fills a gap to flatten the surface. SOH developed by SDI Material division is a material that is used for the new coating method in the patterning process of the semiconductor. It forms a thin film not by the existing method of *evaporation but by a new method of spin coating, which increases the accuracy of micropatterns. * evaporation process: evaporation is the method of thin-film fabrication. The source metal is heated to a high temperature to make it evaporated. And then the vapor particles travel directly to the target object (substrate) where they condense back to a solid state.

Product Benefits

The existing CVD (Chemical Vapor evaporation) process for forming a thin film is insufficient to meet the quality requirement for the micropatterns but causes high costs for its equipment. Samsung SDI’s SOH is a key material for the spin-coating process to form a membrane, which enables significant improvement of quality and productivity, as well as the cost reduction in equipment costs.

SOH (Spin-on Hardmasks) Strength
Reliable etching-resistance

Excellent chemical stability

High affinity with the existing process materials

High quality from high purity material

Stability for long-term storage

Ensuring consistent quality for 3 months at room temperature

Excellent quality control
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